Samantha Boyle

SamJournalism and criminology have always been passions of mine. The fact that I am able to study this and possibly build a career off of it is a dream come true.

I fell in love with journalism when I joined my high school newspaper staff my junior year, when I was only a staff writer. My second year on staff, I was the business manager and managed all the advertisements and money which we received.

Once I applied and got accepted to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, my goal was to join the student newspaper, The Daily Illini. I was able to do within my first few weeks on campus. Up until March of my freshman year at the University of Illinois I was a staff writer. I then applied and received the Assistant Daytime News Editor.

This position allows me to work quickly and on my feet. I follow breaking news on a national, local and campus level and assign reporters stories in which they cover within one or two days. While I do not write as much in this position anymore, my editing skills have grown immensely which I know has and will reflect in my writing down the road.

This website will allow you to go through some of my work that I have done throughout my experience as a journalist.

Twitter: @sjboyle2 | Handshake | Daily Illini Staff Profile